Each pahse of the manufacturing flow charts, starting from the forging of the rough material to the mechanical finishing is thoroughly checked by fully automatic machineries, these are constantly checked and updated.

Each single item is hot forged, over 1000°C, this is done in order to guarantee a better mechanical resistance due to the steel molecule compression during the heat forging process.

The production potential is over 10 millions pieces of different models each year.


- Taglio e intestatura tubi e barre
  diametro da 25 a 300

- Lavorazione componenti airbag
  torniture, fresatura, alesatura, foratura ad altissima precisione

- Lavorazioni barra
  diametro lavorabile da 20 a 70
  tornitura - fresatura - filettatura - fresatura

- Forgiatura a caldo
  flange - esagoni - dadi
  da 0,05 a 5 kg,

- Tornitura e filettatura
  specializzati su alti valori